Tudalen:Bywyd a Chan Tomos Efans (Cyndelyn).pdf/84

Oddi ar Wicidestun
Neidio i'r panel llywio Neidio i'r bar chwilio
Prawfddarllenwyd y dudalen hon

Written as a TOKEN OF RESPECT to H. D. Pochin, Esq.,
Bodnant Hall, for his kindness in entertaining to tea, the
Schoolchildren and others, on Bodnant Hall Park, on the 18th,
June, 1887, in commemoration of the 50th year of the reign of
our Gracious Queen Victoria.

On lovely spot and quiet,
Where silvery rivulet stroll,
Through charming groves and meadows
Stand gorgeous Bodnant Hall;
While Nature, Art and Science,
Around the mansion dwell,
As if where all competing,
In beauty to excel.

'Twixt all we find the mansion,
The Park and walks along
It's fishing lakes and gardens,
Are worthy of Poet's song;
The family Tomb structure,
Is not the least renowne,
And richly ornamented
With polished marble stone.

The name of Mr. Pochin,
Is household lovely name,
And will be so for ages
With bright untarnished fame;
Though bless'd with wealth unbounding,
He shares with those in need,
He's hero in Lib'rality,
Indifferent sect or creed.

May it please our heavenly Father
To grant him a long life,
With blessing of all comfort,
And his beloved wife;
And when in death departing,
This world with closing eyes
Their home will be in glory,
In Heaven above the skies.


Bu yn dad gyda chaniadaeth—i lu
Mawr les fu'i wasanaeth,
Ond i hedd ei enaid aeth-byth mewn hwyl,
Mawl yw ei orchwyl a mel ei archwaeth.