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Nativities Calculated

In which are given the General Transactions of the Native through life; viz,—Description (without seeing the person), Temper, Disposition, Fortunate or Unfortunate in general pursuits; Honour, Riches, Journeys, and Voyages (Success therein, and what places best to travel to or reside in); Friends and enemies, Trade or profession best to follow, and whether fortunate in Speculations, viz.—Lottery, Dealing in Foreign Markets, &c., &c.

Of marriage, if to marry.—The Description, Temper, and Disposition of the person, from whence, rich or poor, happy or unhappy in marriage, &c., &c. Of children, whether fortunate or not &c., &c. Deduced from the Influence of the Sun and Moon, with Planetary Orbs, at the time of Birth.

Also, Judgment and General Issue, in Sickness and Diseases &c.

By Henry Harris.

All letters addressed to him or his Father, Mr. John Harris, Cwrtycadno, must be post paid or will not be recieved.1[1]

CONSURWYR LLANGURIG. Y mae ardal Llangurig, Sir Drefaldwyn, yn enwog am ei chonsurwyr ers cenedlaethau. Teithiodd miloedd o bererinion Gogledd a Deheudir Cymru am gyfnod

  1. Brutusiana, td. 315, Llên Gwerin Sir Gaerfyrddin, y Parch. D G. Williams (Cyf. Eist. Gen. Llanelli, 1895).