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stocking, made into a long mitten, wrapped in a piece of printed material, and placed under the main beam of this old farm house, which has been disused for over fifty years."

ii. Swyn o Feirionnydd.

Dechrau'r bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg.

"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost Amen χχχ and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ thy redeemer and Saviour he will deliver Thomas Thomas & his family & every living Creatur under his possession on his farm big & small from witchcraft & from all evil diseases whatsoever Amen χχχ Gasper fert Myrrham, thus Melchor balthasar auraum .... nomine regum Salvatur amarbo Christ pieate (Caduco) Amen χχχ . . . Amatharan (dicunt) pasetes Sarah a Indus arti Tabalis Amen χχχ Eructavit Carmeaum . . .(Cum) Carrum dicam cuncta opera mea regi domine labia mea averies . . . (av) oe . . malam anuntalicet veritatur cantere . . . inigeni rei . . . maliena Subseritatur O lord Jesus Christ . . . Salvatus he hereth the preserver of Thomas Thomas his stoch big and smafl Cattle that is on his farm from all Witchcraft & from all Evil men & Women or Spirits or Wizerds or hardness of hart Amen χχχ & this I trust in the lord Jesus Christ thy redeemer & Saviour from all Witchcraft & this ye trust in jesus Christ to releive Thomas Thomas his Cattle Horses Sheep pigs poultry Every creatur on the farm from all