Tudalen:Gwaith Alun.pdf/95

Oddi ar Wicidestun
Neidio i'r panel llywio Neidio i'r bar chwilio
Prawfddarllenwyd y dudalen hon

not made them less friendly. I have seen that an extensive acquaintance is the bane of College life. Of intimate friends, I have here only one; and he is a bosom friend, one whose intelligence, urbanity, abilities, and piety are alike conspicuous. He is a son of La Trobe, the celebrated African traveller. Unfortunately for me, he intends taking his final examination next Easter term, and will consequently leave Oxford. When he is gone, I will endeavour to replace him with another of the same stamp; and if I fail, I will turn an anchorite.

I have mixed with but very few parties; though, thanks to my fellow-collegians, I have been occasionally invited. I have adopted this course, partly from a wish of not incurring a debt, which it would be a crime in one of my station to discharge; but chiefly from a distaste of all nocturnal revels. The truth is, I never yet saw a drinking party, two hours old, that I could lay down even one of Elis y Cowper's songs, for the purpose of enjoying it.

The devotional exercises, morning and evening, are profitable and interesting; and I have an opportunity every Sunday of hearing some of the most eloquent and impressive sermons I have ever heard. Excellent opportunities are also afforded for reading. I 'sport my oak' and sit down, nothing disturbs or annoys me; and had it not been for the rumbling of carts along Ship-lane, and cries of 'muffins,' I should consider myself in a hermitage. As for temptation, it is all a bugbear. I have seen none here that would not vanish before a virtuous resolution.