Tudalen:Yr athrawes o ddifrif.pdf/113

Oddi ar Wicidestun
Neidio i'r panel llywio Neidio i'r bar chwilio
Ni brawfddarllenwyd y dudalen hon eto

ysgrifenodd y llinellau canlynol mewn cân benrydd.
In visions of the night, methought I saw
One for whose loss this aching heart still sighs,
These eyes atill weep the unavailing tear-
My angel father's form arrayed in light.
He stood, and to his Mary comfort spoke;
Hie tones were sweet, Ah! how surpassing all
The Magic 'neath the sun-Calmly he smiled,
And bade me rise above, and taste with him
Those joys which everlastingly endure:
But Ah! too soon I found 'twas but a dream.
Yet still, my fancy pictures his loved form
As on the couch of death, he lay and held
Blissful communion with the glorified;
Ah! these were hours such as I never more
Hope to enjoy. It was the joy of grief.
Though tears would flow, they were the tears of joy.
And he, the sufferer, calmly spoke of death
As of a friend, whose last kind office was
To bear him to his kingdom and his crown.
Oh! how he spoke of him, who conquered death,
Whose presence in the valley was so sweet-
Whose everlasting love had borne him through,
More than a conqueror, and bade him sing,
With his last dying accent, "all is well."
No more! the happy spirit took its flight
Into the regions of unclouded light,
They laid him in yon sheltered nook to sleep-
It is a lovely spot. The moon at night
Bows down, and watches o'er him, and the sun
Lingered at eve to light my footsteps there;
Above his resting place, sweet flow'rets blow
And throw delightful odoura all around;
Fit emblem of the righteous man who lives,
E'en when his spirits fled. Though few the words
Upon his monument; yet, friends can tell
How he was loved on earth. He needs no shrine;
For on his grave will fond ones still repose,
And point the spot to memory so sweet.
fy amgylchiad fy hun, gallaf ddywedyd heb betrusder, y
breuddwyd sydd gywir, a'i ddeongliad sydd sior, ac nis gallaf
ambeu nad oedd yn dal perthynas neillduol & fy amgylchiad I
ar y pryd." Y mae Baxter hefyd o farn gyffelyb.