Gwaith Alun/Disadvantages and Aims

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Cywydd y Gwahawddi Gwaith Alun

gan John Blackwell (Alun)



Jesus College, Oxford,

October 2nd, 1826.

I can hardly hope, in four short years, to surmount the disadvantages of my youth, and gain academical distinction. To him, who in his 20th year, learnt his Greek alphabet, a first class at College must be a hopless aim; while an University prize must be beyond the reach of one who merely began to speak English about his twentieth year. Aware of these circumstances, the friends whom I consult have advised me to collect (should necessary studies allow me leisure) as much as I can of such information as will be useful to me in the sacred office I shall be called upon to fill. What I shall lose in attainments, I will endeavour to make up in Christian conduct. That God, who is the sole Dispenser of all the blessings that has been showered upon my path, claims my first duty. My next ambition will be to fulfil my ministry with that zeal and decorum which characterize the spirit of our venerable Establishment; while gratitude will prompt me to dedicate my leisure hours to the literature of my native Principality.

That I may thus live, is my fervent prayer; and all I ask in addition, is a situation where I may watch over the wants of my poor, but worthy parents; and make as far as depends on human aid, their evening set in smiles.

I am, Sir, your most obedient servant,