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Oddi ar Wicidestun
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Prawfddarllenwyd y dudalen hon

Emmanuel χ Soter χ Sabaoth χ Elohim χ on χ Adonay χ Tetragrammaton χ Agla χ Unigenius χ Majestas χ Paracletus χ Salvator χ Noster Agnosyskyros χ adonatus χ Jasper χ Melchor χ Balthasar χ Matheus χ Marcus χ Lucas χ Johamas (sic) Amen χχχ and by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Hevenly angels being our Redeemer and Saviour from all Witchcraft and from assaults of the devil Amen. Gabriel [hieroglyphics] Michael [hieroglyphics] In the name of God [Amen. This is] a fight against the wiles of the [Devil] χχχP

Ychwanega'r Parchedig T. W. James, Rheithor Llanerfyl, y nodyn a ganlyn: "Mrs. Mary Jones of Rhosgall, in this parish, died the other day and her executor asked me if I would help him to go through her papers. In one of her private drawers we found a small round bottle, about the length and thickness of my finger. It was corked and sealed. We saw that it contained two rolls of paper. Had to break the bottle.

William Jones (mentioned in the Charm) was the husband of Mary Jones. He lived at Rhosgall, and died in his 71 year, in 1890."[1]

iv. Pont-ar-Fynachy neu Pont-y-gwr-drwg Ceredigion.

Cafwyd y Swyn hwn mewn hen ffermdy o'r enw Gwarthrhos, yn ardal Pont-ar-Fynach, gan y

  1. Llyfr. Gen. Cym., Llsgr. 1248.