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This text is represents the original 1588 Welsh Bible by William Morgan (not its 1620 revision). This version is based on scans at [1]. —Angr 16:42, 29 Mai 2011 (UTC)

Please keep the original orthography as it is (after all, raison d'être of this Wikisource sub-project is to represent the 1588 Bible, as it is, in its 1588 form…), with long Ss and rounded Rs. When typing, you can substitute the ſ-s and ꝛ-s with, say, x and q, respectively, and then search-and-replace them automatically. —Júda Ronén 2011/6/7

I don't know, that seems a little pedantic to me. At English Wikisource, we use "fi" and "fl" even when the original text had the ligatures "fi" and "fl", and at German Wikisource, Fraktur "ſ" is regularly replaced by "s". The Wikipedia article on the R rotunda even says it was only ever used in Blackletter, and our digitization here isn't in Blackletter. As long as there's no semantic difference between ꝛ and r or between ſ and s, I see no reason not to use the modern, familiar letters. —Angr 18:12, 8 Mehefin 2011 (UTC)
Actually, if you want to go through the text and make the appropriate changes, go right ahead. —Angr 17:02, 13 Ionawr 2012 (UTC)

The URL for the scans has changed; they are now at [2]. It doesn't seem to be possible to download the individual images anymore, so it looks like I won't be making any more PDFs. —Mahāgaja (Angr o'r blaen) · sgwrs 13:01, 29 Tachwedd 2017 (UTC)