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Prawfddarllenwyd y dudalen hon

£1. 2. 6. To Freight on 44 Tons Building Stones from Plas-newydd a 1s. 6d. £3. 6. 0. To Owen Jones Carpenter 6 days 18s. To Sharpg. 79 Dozen and 10 Shissel at 4d. Doz. £1. 6s. 7d. To 1 days work in discharging Runcorn stones a 2s., 3s. To 7 logs pine timber, 260 feet a 2s. 6d. £32 10s. To 41 Baltic Deals, 641 feet a 11d., £29 7. 7. To 5 Logs Riga Pine, 159 feet a 4s., £31. 16s. To Freight on 22 Tons Building Stones from Dibyn Mawr, 1s. 6d., 1. 13. 0. To Evan Jones for Alowance of Ale by Gravel, 2s. 6d. To 30 Stone Arches to Windows & Doors a 5s., 7. 10. 0. To make 106 yd. 8 feet. 6 of Brick. wall at 4 p yd., £2. 0s. old. To 12 cast iron Columns 12 ft. long 4 yr by 4 inches diamr. cast solid with round bases 60. 2. 0. at 18s. 8d., 56. 9. 4. To 12 cwt of Plaster of Paris, 3. 0. 0. To Centre Piece for Chandelier, £5. 5. 0. To 4 Smaller Pieces at 20s. Each, 4. 0. 0. To 257 feet Cornice at 12d., 12. 17. 0. To 5 Days Work in flooring the Chapel a 3s. 6d. p., £o. 19s. 3d. To 6 lb. Glue, 1s. 2d., 7. 0. To 10 copper tubes 2 lb. 9 oz. 2s. 8d., 6. 10. To 4 Days to Cementing etc. at 3s. 6d. £0. 14. 0. To Wm. Roberts Lab. 5 days at 1s. 9d., 8. 4. [Fe gafodd Wm. Roberts lai na'i gyflog bychan].

Y mae ar gadw ddarn o gylchlythyr Seisnig yn apelio am gynorthwy tuag at yr adeiladwaith. Dyma hynny sydd ohono: "We, the undersigned, at the request, and in the behalf of the Society of Christians denominated Calvinistic Methodists, respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen in the town and neighbourhood of Carnarvon, and the Public in general, that our present place of worship being much too small and incon- venient for our congregation, it was judged necessary to build a Chapel on a larger Scale, which is now begun; but as it will unavoidably be attended with considerable expence, we humbly solicit your charitable and benevolent Contribution for that purpose, which we will gratefully acknowledge with due thankfulness." Nid oedd Evan Richardson mwyach pan wnawd y dernyn yma, a gellir bod yn sicr mai nid Mr. Lloyd fu'n euog ohono.

Cof gan William Griffith, y dechreuwr canu, a anwyd yn 1822, am dano'i hun yn myned yn blentyn i'r tŷ capel o flaen oedfa'r hwyr ar y Sul. Richard Owen a'i wraig Mari a gadwai'r tŷ capel. Gwelid y bibell a'r tybaco a'r cwrw ar y pentan ar gyfer y pregethwr. Ar ol i'r plant a gaffai'r fraint o alw yno